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Achievements of the Organization

A total 3610 families has got homestead land entitlement with joint ownership (under name of women and men together)

A total sum of 18,492 applications (12,168 applications exclusively submitted by women) has submitted for homestead land in 12 districts.

A total 2567 Acres land of Bhoodan has been occupied by beneficiaries

A total 3685 Acres land of Bhoodan has been re-distributed and ensured legal ownership to the beneficiaries (mostly landless community)

A total 1250 Acres land of Agricultural has been occupied and now under farming by marginal farmers.

A total no of 456 Mutual Help Group (MHG) have saved Rs.10,24,368 as a community asset. About 150 MHG have linked with Bank controlled by 1560 Dalit woman.

Village unit [Community Based Organizations] was established in 760 villages with 15200 members. They have contributed a total membership fund amounts to Rs 1,52,000.

Applications for 8,650 families for job cards were processed through the organization and 6,5 40ere received. Out of this 813 people got job for 10 to 15 days.

2560 Dawa Patra has been expected under FRA for verifications.

The Block level Mahila Manch committees resolved 156 cases of women‘s rights issues and violations at the community level.

The ‘State Land Reforms Commission‘ has came after many demonstration and successful dialogue with the State; PGVS is one of the key organization played this role along with allies.

PGVS has done land mapping in six districts with Praxice and published a report.

PGVS has also published another book of Success Story called "landlessness and social justice".

PGVS is the active allies of various land rights campaign at State as well as national level i.e. during Janadesh 2007 (organized by Ekta Parishad and 200 other social organizations), about 5000 people were mobilized by PGVS. This foot march gets significant success in pressurizing the Central government for announcement of Forest Rights Act and a National Land Reforms Council which focused to ensure land rights to the excluded communities.

Key Achievements:

Set up of land rights front (Bhumi Adhikar Morcha) in all 18 districts of Bihar, which is connected with approximately 1000 villages (as a community based organization). These fronts are led by community leaders of excluded community.

The set up of Mahila Manch (Women Forum) which focused women land rights campaign at local as well as State level based on extensive membership of 5000 women in Bihar. This also linked with the national campaign for women land rights.

Being a People‘s Movement for the socio-political development of Mushar community, PGVS get significant success for building leadership base of this community with a large strength of 2000 people in Bihar; which is also linked with the Dalit Rights Movement at national level.

PGVS has success fully organized several ‘Youth & Development Camps‘ in Bihar, which always resulted in  ‘Village Development Plan‘ like Ahar-Pyne Rejuvenation in South Bihar. This brought about 8000 acres of barren land under productive for agriculture in Gaya, Nalanada, Nawada and Jahanabad districts.


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